Upcoming projects

Okay, so the stars fabric dress had to be put aside… for now. Which is sad because I don’t know how many more sunny days we have left! I might finally get around to making it as soon as it becomes cool enough to need a sweater at all times! Summer must have just slipped through my fingers.

But, best not fret myself about this, when there are more (in quantity, not in hierarchy) beautiful projects to be had. And they are all for gifts, too, except for the last one, but you shall see about that at the end.

First up… can you guess? Image

It’s gonna be a small going out bag – view C from the pattern. Brocade from JoAnns, lined with a mystery poly brocade type from my stash. You won’t be able to see it from the outside, but it will be a nice little surprise whenever my friend opens her purse!

And next up, we have two sets of wedding presents.

Here’s the first one:


Aprons! I cut my teeth in sewing on aprons. And I mean apron after apron, so I can do this blindfolded, or so it feels like.  The couple will get matching aprons. I’ll have a little fun with her apron (denim with the yellow to accent) and then do his apron in denim with a little tiny accent of the yellow. Plus, I’m going to add initial appliques in a contrasting color – red perhaps?

And the next one is similar:


Matching aprons again! Sorry, the photo doesn’t show the guy’s apron. This one is definitely going to have initials! I’m going to line her apron with some matching broadcloth, as I picked out some batik fabric and I have a feeling that, if it gets wet, it’s gonna run. Hopefully the lining will soak up the dye. No trim, either, just the basic apron, but I like that one better like that anyway.

And, here’s my one:


Okay, so I know that this is more a summer dress than a fall dress. I guess it’s not even a transitional dress! But, I’m participating in my very first sew along EVER:

Fall for Cotton.

I love cotton, I love vintage styles, and so, here it goes! I can’t wait. But the gifts come first, before I begin sewing up my dress.

I know, I know. I think we’re supposed to be sewing projects for fall – you know Fall for Cotton, but I had a 60% off coupon for JoAnns, I’ve been eyeing that shirting for.ev.er. and so I decided that a early to mid 60s tiki motif was just fine for my first sew along. Gertie designed the pattern (I didn’t pick the pattern because of that, I promise!) which means that it’s gonna have some awesome bones, people. I mean AWESOME bones. I have to line it, too. I think I have a cotton shower curtain liner somewhere…

Okay, I can’t wait to show you guys when I finish! I need to finish at least the first two in a week! I can do it!

What gifts have you guys made recently?


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