New Patterns (and I’m back!)

…Aaaaand all the companies have now put out their Fall (or at least pre-Fall) patterns. Here’s the ones with which I am in lurve:

Butterick has outdone itself again:

Look at Butterick 5951. I mean look at it!


The 1940s sillouette, the shaped sleeves, the slightly nipped waistline. It’s such a gorgeous design. And, looking at the website, Butterick made it so all three sizes (12, 14, 16) I might use are in the same envelope. Hurrah! I even have vintage floral picked out on etsy for it. Which I should get right now. Hold on, BRB…

Okay, done. Here it is:

Fabric for 5951

And it’s mine, all mine, muahahahaaa!!! (What can I say? It was payday.) I think the floral motif on a cream background stays with the 40s theme, but I like how punchy the colors are to make it a little fresher.

Oh, and Gertie’s new patterns for Butterick? I’m partial to 5953:


But the shaping on the jacket for 5962 is really spiffy:

B5962 jacket

As you guys know, I’m pretty partial to Gertie. I love her taste, and she has once again helped satisfy my longings for retro designs in a new way.

But, I hope, hope, hope, that when Butterick goes on sale in early September, that JoAnns has 5951 in my size!

And, did you see the Vogues? I did. There’s quite a bit, but here’s a few that make me go “yum!”

First, V1366. I think these separates are fantastic: a clean pant line, and a blouse with nice flowy sleeves.


Maybe a nice tweed pant and a floral top? I could try my hand at lining the pants, too. Side note: I just discovered the wonders of lined trousers a few years ago and they changed my life. I will never look at trousers and other work pants the same way again.

Also, V8932


Call me a sucker for shaped jackets, I guess.

And the final Vogue: V8920


(I gave you the line drawing so you could see the, well, lines.) It’s just so interesting. Princess seams but with a shaped bustline. This is one of those patterns I find interesting, but probably not interesting enough to get. but we’ll see.

And, I’ll leave you with one more new pattern. This time from New Look: 6224


The keyhole at the neck, the option for flutter or bracelet length full sleeves. Le sigh.

But, it’s not like I need these patterns. Except for maybe 5951. I have to get that one, I already bought the fabric!

So, readers, what patterns are you excited about for the fall?


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